Further to our circular no. C/2016/55 dtd. 05.09.2016, AIDA is pleased to inform all its members, Technical Experts, Technology providers and distillery Technocrats about AIDA’s next two day technical seminar in collaboration with National Sugar Institute, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh “on Production of Ethanol / Bio-fuels from current and new feed stocks, Improving fermentation and distillation efficiencies, quality control, production of alcohol & liquor AND Effluent Treatment technologies to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) as mandated by the CPCB, to be held on 17-18th October, 2016 at Hotel KATRIYA, #8, Raj Bhavan Road, Samajiguda, Hyderabad-500082, Telangana State.


An exhibition is also proposed to be organised during the two days to facilitate the technology and equipment providers, machinery appliance manufacturers, technical experts to show case and exhibit their technologies, machineries and equipments for distillery industry consumers with regard to various subject matters mentioned above. There cannot be a better opportunity to exhibit your wares to such a large dedicated gathering from all over India and not a region.

Members are aware that India has taken an un-precedent initiative in the field of Bio- fuels during last over two years. The Government of India has already cleared many hurdles and obstacles through its policy intervention and has declared 5% blending of Ethanol with petrol mandatory all over the country.

The Govt. has also declared its policy to achieve 10% blending within next 1-2 years and 20% blending by the year 2020-22. The Nation is therefore at the threshold of rapidly scaling bio fuel / ethanol programme and prepare to meet all the challenges on its way, particularly that of feed stocks identification and production through use of various enzymes and adoption of suitable technologies.

In our view therefore the focus of the industry should be on using alternate raw-materials apart from molasses, like sugarcane juice, Grain starch, Raggi, Sweet Sorghum, Sweet Potato etc. etc. and presentation and discussions should take place to achieve India’s goal of raising the production and availability of Bio-Ethanol.

In addition to the subject matters with regard to latest technologies and improvement in existing technologies for Fermentation and Distillation, improvements of alcohol / liquor quality and effluent treatment shall be an important part of the 2 day seminar. You are invited to make your specialised presentations on your technology in the presence of a nation wide audience.

We therefore invite all members and stake holders to take part in the event and join us for creating a sustainable and environment friendly ethanol production and effluent treatment in the country. As the govt. of India is extremely serious in increasing Ethanol / Bio-fuels availability, the future lies in Ethanol production for the distillery Establishments.

Let us therefore get together and indulge in brainstorming, to raise the production to the best of our abilities. You are requested to register yourself and advise your colleagues and other participants to register immediately through the registration form enclosed at ANNEXURE-I.


We also invite all technology and equipment providers as well as technical experts to pick up sponsorship slots available to promote their technologies/equipments and extending their assistance to the organisers by way of taking up sponsorship, to make this event success and also popularise their fares among a dedicated and concerned large audience. The information about Sponsorship slots is available at ANNEXURE-II.

A Cocktail Party shall also be arranged on 1st day evening of the event i.e. 17th October, 2016.

Director General, AIDA

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