List of Member Distilleries

The AIDA secretariat is located at Nehru Place, New Delhi having its own premises with all modern communication facilities like telephone, Email, E-links and other combined facilities.

Andhra Pradesh
M/s. Andhra Sugars Limited,
Industrial Alcohol Plant,
TANUKU- 534215   (A.P.)
M/s. Empee Sugars & Chemicials Ltd.,
Distt. Nellore  (A.P.)
M/s. Jeypore Sugar Company
Ltd., (Distillery Division)
Distt. West Godavari ( A.P.)
M/s. K.C.P. Sugar Ind. Corpn.     
Ltd., (Distillery Unit),
Distt. Krishna ( A.P.)
M/s. Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd,
Sugar Division
Distt. West Godavari (A.P.)
M/s. Pearl Distillery Limited,
Distt. Prakasam (A.P.)
M/s. Sri Sarvaraya Sugars Ltd.,
Distt. East Godavari (A.P.)
M/s. Sagar Sugars & Allied
Products Limited, Nelavoy Village, S.R. Puram Mandal,
CHITTOOR-517167  (A.P.)
M/s. Sree Venketeshwara  
Winery & Distillery Pvt. Ltd., Plot No. 63,
Ground Floor, Sagar Society Road No. 2,
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad- 500 037 (A.P)
M/s. S.P.Y. Agro Industries Ltd.,
Nandyal Mandal,
Distt. Kurnool (A.P.)
M/s. United Spirits. Limited,
Andhra Winery & Distillery,
HYDERABAD-500047  (A.P.)

The basic prominent and important activities being implemented by the All India Distillers’ are as below.

The Association promotes and regulates healthy relationship between the distillery industry at large in the country, as also between employer and employee and the entire work force. The industry believes that without and healthy employer-employee relationship no industry can prosper and expand.

The Association supports and opposes legislation as the case may be, and other measures to obtain the removal as far as possible of the grievances and hindrances affecting the industry.

The Association collects circulates and maintains various data and statistics about production, efficiency, recovery, stocks and other information relating to the interests of the industry.

The Association’s one of the main objectives is to take up all the causes of the industry with the Govt. of India, State Governments and other various authorities as and when required to safeguard industry’s common interests.

It endeavours to maintain good relations with all the allied agencies, chambers of Commerce and Associations to elicit all the information and assistance from all these sources, for the benefit of its members and the industry as a whole.

The Association conducts and organizes meetings of its members to discuss about latest issues concerning the industry and to decide steps and action to be taken in the best interest of the industry.

It also disseminates technical information through its Technical Committee consisting of Technical experts from the industry, by holding various technical meetings and seminars regarding information about latest technologies available in the field of distillery and alcohol industry and effluent treatment processes etc. which could be and should be convincingly adopted by the industry all over the country.

The Association also obtains technical, commercial and legal information from international sources by conducting international tours or symposia of technical and commercial importance and also by subscribing to various international publications for obtaining latest information on the subject.

The primary objective of the Association is to promote, protect and enhance relationship and to consider all questions related and effecting the industry from all fields and angles and the enhancement of employers-employee relationship in an efficient and harmonious manner.

Last but not the least AIDA publishes following periodical publications the providing necessary information to its members.

Newsletter - A monthly publication, providing news information of importance to industry from Govt., Technical and legal sources.

Directory of Distilleries- An annual publication providing complete location wise information about all distilleries in India.

Compilation of proceedings of technical seminar / symposia organized by AIDA from time to time, in a book form.

Efficiency Data- An annual publication providing complete production and efficiency data from distilleries for the previous year.