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The membership of the Association is open to all the distilleries / companies owning one or more distilleries producing alcohol from any feedstock anywhere in the country. The companies can become members of the Association irrespective whether they are from Government sector, private sector, or public sector.

All India distillers Association (AIDA) is today having a membership of around 180 members, out of total of 300 distilleries in the country. Our aim is to expand the membership to close to 100% to provide a strong voice and stature to the Association, to carry out its mission of service to the alcohol industry with conviction and maintain harmonious relations between the employees and employer. The advent of use of alcohol for admixture with petrol has made it of utmost importance to bring about best of technologies about production of Ethanol from all resources, from all over the world and disseminate that updated knowledge among all the member distilleries.

Its primary aim is therefore to increase and enhance the industrial work force technology knowledge of the process. Membership is open to all the 3 sectors of distilleries i.e.

(1) Industrial Alcohol producers

(2) Potable Alcohol producers and producers of Ethanol for blending with petrol. However, only companies and no individuals can become members of the association. The association therefore shall be as strong as its members make it to be to ensure all round progress of the distillery industry in the country.

AIDA Directory Details

All India Distillers Association (AIDA) has been publishing an exhaustive Directory of Indian Distilleries providing names, addresses and other vital information about all the distilleries, small or big, private or public sector in the country. The directory provides complete information about the location, complete addresses, licensed and installed production capacities of the distilleries. It also provides details about various products manufactured by each distillery alongwith the names of the promoters or C.E.O.S of the company.

The Directory is a publication priced at Rs. 700/- (excluding Rs. 150/- towards packing and courier expenses) per copy which can be obtained on request from the Secretariat. This is the only publication of its kind in India giving complete information about Indian alcohol and distillery industry.

The directory reaches out to vast sections of the industry and the ancillary industries also. Members and/or non-members are invited to advertise their various products and services, in the directory. It is the perfect media to advertise your products and boost your sales.