Name :The name of the Association is All India Distillers Association
Regd. Office : The Head Office of the Association will be situated at New Delhi, which will be its Registered office also, At present it shall be located at 805 , Siddharth, 96 Nehru Place ,New Delhi 110019
Objects : The Objects for which the Association is established are:
  • (a) To do or perform all or any of the following operations acts or things, in respect of trade, commerce and industries of India and in particular, the trade, commerce and industries connected with industrial spirits, power alcohol, potable and other liquors and their by products;
    • The Association should get itself registered as a Union within the meaning of the Trade Unions Act 1926
    • The Association should primarily regulate the relationship between the workmen and employers of the industries.
    • The Association should promote and regulate healthy relationship between the workmen and workmen of the industries.
    • To promote , protect and to consider all questions affecting them,
    • To promote support or oppose legislation and other measure to obtain the removal as far as possible of grievances affecting these industries.
    • To make representations to local, State or Central government authorities or any other organizations on any matter connected with them.
    • To collected and circulate statistics and other information relating to and of interest in all these industries
    • To lay down standards for transactions in these businesses and act as arbitrator in the settlement of disputes arising out of such transactions.
  • (b) To promote good relations between the employers and their employees.
  • (c) To educate public opinion and disseminate correct information about the working of the industry by means of publication of literature, by taking part in exhibitions and through the press and other media.
  • (d) To establish , maintain and conduct or subsidies special funds for research laboratories and scientific and technical research institutions; to promote scientific and technical research connected with the industry; and to guide in the fixing and maintenance of standards of quality of its manufactures.
  • (e) To encourage , assist, extend knowledge and information connected with any trade , commerce and industry, whether by promotion of lectures discussion correspondence, conferences or otherwise.
  • (f) To acquire or to arrange for patent rights, trade marks and designs in respect of products made by the members of the Association.
  • (g) To acquire or to arrange for patent rights, trade marks and designs in respect of products made by the members of the Association
  • (h) To subscribe, to become a member of or otherwise to co-operate with other associations, whether incorporated or not, whose objects are altogether or in part similar to those of this Association, and to procure from or communicate to any such association any information as is likely to further the objects of this Association.
  • (i) To provide at the option of the committee and on such terms as the committee may decide,  legal or other assistance to the members of the Association in their industrial and labour disputes.
  • (j) To formulate and recommend terms and conditions of employment in industries, connected with the manufacture of power alcohol, industrial spirits, potable and other liquors, and their by products.
  • (k) To borrow or raise monies required for the purpose of the Association upon such terms and in such manner as may be determined, and in particular by the issue of Debentures charged upon all or any of the property of the Association.
  • (l) To acquire, purchase, build or take on lease or hire, any moveable or immovable property or rights; and to sell mortgage or otherwise dispose of all or any part of such property and rights.
  • (m) To invest the monies of the Association not immediately required as may from time to time be determined.
  • (n) To establish or support or aid in the establishment and support of Association; institutions, funds and trusts calculated to benefit employees or ex-employees of the Association or their dependents and grant them pensions and other allowances.
  • (o) To draw, make accept, discount execute and issue bills of lading, warrants, debentures and other negotiable and transferable instruments and securities.
  • (p) To communicate with Chambers of Commerce and other commercial , Industrial and Public bodies within or outside India and to concert or promote measures for protection of trade , commerce and industries , and persons engaged therein.
  • (q) To adjust controversies between members of this Association.
  • (r) To affiliate, admit to membership , aid and to receive aid from any other Society, Association, Company, Corporation, Fir, partnership or person promoting or formed or intended to promote any of the objects of the Association and to subscribe to or aid any such Society, Association, Company, Corporation, Fir, partnership or person with a view to obtain any advantage or benefit for the purpose of the Association and to subscribe to any fund or society as may be considered deserving from time to time.
  • (s) And to act in the furtherance of all the interests of all the members of the Association and generally to do all other acts, deeds and this necessary or incidental to or for the attainment of the above objects.