Presentation In The Seminar

Mr. Anand Shelke & Mr. Sandeep Jaiswal, Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd
Novozymes' innovation & sustainable solutions for Grain Alcohol distillers.

Mr. Pramod Pillai, Praj Industries Ltd.
Value maximisation solution for distilleries.

Mr. J. S. Chauhan, Shriram Institue for Industrial research, Delhi.
SRI's Capabilities and services offered to the food industry, including liquor as well as to Distillery Industry.

Dr. Santosh Kumar, NSI Kanpur
Alternate feedstocks for Alcohol production-Achieving EBP success.

Mr. Mahesh Kulkarni, Praj Industries
Zero Spent Wash Discharge Options.

Mr. Sanjay Gupta, AB Mauri Ltd.
Fermentation improvement through Yeast Technology in Distilleries.

Mr. Hemant Bhakshi, Anton Paar
(Comperhensive quality control solution for spirit industry.)

Mr. N.K. Lamba, DCM, Delhi
Ethanol Blending Plan- An opportunity Profit Maximization for Distilleris in India.

Mr. Christophe Teste, Leaf Technology
Distilleries profitability maximisation through industrial performances optimisation.

Dr. H.C. Bhandari, Crest Bio Tech
One Time solutions "UF& ZELD"

Mr. Rajeev Gupta, Jindal Stainless Ltd.
Stainless Solutions for Distillery Industry (Hygeine & Corrosion Resistant)

Mr. Adarsh Kapur, Nevco Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Continuos real time monitoring in distilleries as per CPCB directions.

Mr. K.P. Singh, Radico Khaitan Ltd.
Challenges in Zero Discharge of Molasses Effluent.

Dr. C.A. Srinivasamurthy, University of Agricultral Science, Bangalore.
Benefits of one time controlled land application of distillery spentwash to dry lands.

Mr. Rajesh S. Dalvi, Rochem Separation System (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Optimizing Resource Recovery towards Effective ZLD.

Dr. Y.P. Singh,Environmental Counselor.
Sustainable utilisation of spentwash in Agriculture.

Mr. Himanshu Gupta, GE Power & Water.
High Water recovery from Water & Wastewater systems & Zero Liquid Discharge.

Mr. R.P.Singh, Food Biotech Ltd.
Application of multiple effects evaporator and condensate Treatment scheme to achieve ZLD

Mr. Abhishek Roy, SSP Ltd.
Zero Liquid Discharge for Distillery

Mr. J.C. Belwal & Mr. Lilanshu Arora, Ideal Agri Business Services
Establishment of poly sheds in compost yard of distillery

Mr. Vivek Kodikar, Vapco Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Energy Efficient Scheme & solutions for Process ETP & DDGS drying

Mr. M. Samraj, Kings Envirotech- Coimbatore
Latest technologies in waste water evaporation and effluent treatment

Mr. Jagadesh Kumar, Nandani Bio Orgitech
Bio Cultures for MEE Condensate

Dr. B. Subbarao, Sr. Consultant
Distilleries Wate Management with special emphasis on bio compost