Presentation In The Seminar

Mr. Anand Shelke- M/s. Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd.
Enzymes for Environmental sustainability and Maximising profits.

Mr. Amol Sheth, M/s Praj Industries Ltd.
Biomass to Bioethanol- Second Generation Technology by Praj

Mr. K.P. Singh, M/s Radico Khaitan Ltd.
Sustainable growth of a distillery with modernisation and continual improvement.

Dr. Sanjay V Patil, Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Pune
Alternate Raw Materials for Enhancing Alcohol Production.

Mr. Vivek Kodilkar, M/s Vapco Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Energy Efficient process solutions for Distillery & Effluent Management.

Mr. R. Kannan, M/s Dupont Industrial Biosciences Danisco Ind P Ltd.
Improving Ethanol yield and lowering product cost - Low pH STL process.

Mr. Robert Piggot, M/s Lallemand Specialties Inc.
Yeast research Analysis

Mr. Rajesh Singla, M/s ISGEC Heavy Engg. Ltd.
Best Solution to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge in Distilleries.

Mr. Sudhir Chandna, M/s KBK Chem-Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
EPC AND Turnkey Solution for Distillery Industry.

Dr. H.C. Bhandari, Crest Bio Tech
Promotional Sustainability of Bio ethanol production in India.

Mr. Samraj, M/s Kings Envirotech
Innovative technologies in treating high TDS /BOD / COD / TSS effluents.

Mr.Sanjay Desai & Mr. Sandeep Chichbankar, M/s Excel Engineers & Consultants
Maximisation of Ethanol Production Using B-Heavy Molasses as an Alaternative Feed Stock - A Distillery perspective.

Mr. Neeraj Gulati, M/s Istech India
Moby Technology using R-pet to save bottle cost.

Dr. S. Bhaskar- Prof. of Agrnomy, M/s University of Agricultural Science, GKVK, Bangalore
Benefits of one time controlled land application of distillery spentwash to dry lands.Utilisation of spent wash in crop production (OTCLA) and its benefits.

Mr. Abhishek Roy, M/s SSP Limited
Zero Liquid Discharge for Distillery

Dr. Yash Pal Singh, M/s Expert Member, MOEF-GOI.
Issues related to sustainable utilisation of Distillery Effluent

Mr. Mahesh Kulkarni M/s Praj Industries Ltd.
Maximizing Fuel Opportunities aligned with ZSD compliance.

Mr. R.P. Singh, M/s Food & Biotech Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Evaporation & Drying Systems for Zero Effluent Discharge (ZELD)

Mr. Christophe Teste, M/s Leaf Technologies
Distilleries Profitability Maximisation through Industrial Performance Optimisation.

Mr. Rohan M. Patil, M/s Nirtech Consultant
Redefining Effluent Treatment, Specialised Ro.

Mr. Hersh Kshetry, M/s UEM India Pvt. Ltd.
Sustainability Achieving "Zero Spentwash Discharge"

Mr. Shanker Das Mehta, M/s Wog Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Innovative Anaerobic Bio Technology Application for Distillery ZLD Solutions.

Mr. Himanshu Gupta, M/s GE Power & Water Water & Process Technologies
High Water recovery from Water & Wastewater system & Zero Liquid Discharge.

Mr. Subir Chatterjee, M/s. Rochem Separation Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Optimizing resource recovery.. Towards

Mr. K. Prakash, M/s Five Cail-KCP Limited
Spentwash incineration Technology - by Five Cail-KCP Ltd.