Presentation In The Seminar

Mr. Bharat M. Mehta, Reliance Industries Ltd.
Potable Liquor packaged in PET Bottle- An Eco-friendly and Economic value proposition for the chain of Bottler-Retailer- Consumer-Recycler.

Mr. N.J. Menon, Sr. Consultant
Review on Quality of IMFL

Dr. A. Ashok Kumar, ICRISAT.
Sweet Sorghum as complementary feedstock for bioethanol production

Mr. Basuyaux , Leaf Technology, France
Advancements in Cellulosic Ethanol Fermentation

Mr. Sandeep Chichbankar, Excel Engineers & Consultants
Optimisation of steam requirment by Energy Integration Molasses and Grain Distilleries

Dr. Binod K. Maitin, Sr. Consultant
Emerging approaches in analytical and sensory quality assessment of Spirit Beverages

Mr. Jagdeesh H. Kulkarni, Ugar Sugar Works
Low Potash recovery from Distillery Effluent

Dr. M. Madhusdanan, Addl. Director, CPCB
Various Alternatives to ZLD

Mr. K.P. Singh, Radico Khaitan Ltd.
CPCB Guidelines & Compliance of Spent wash discharge- A case study of Radico Khatan Ltd.

Dr. Yash Pal Singh, Expert Member, MOEF-GOI
Issues related to sustainable utilisation of Distillery Effluent

Mr. Ashok Sethi, TPCI, New Delhi
Exposition being organised by TPCI

Dr. S.V. Patil, VSI, Pune
Adequacy of Effluent Tratment Plants- Self Assessment

Dr. K.J. Balasubramani, Shriram Institute for Industrial Research
An Innovative Research Centre for Micro & Macro Evaluation

Mr. B. Satish Kumar, Food & Biotech Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Evaporation & Drying Systems for Zero Effluent Discharge (ZELD)