Presentation In The Seminar

Dr. Tushar Patil, Praj Industries Ltd.
Second Generation Ethanol - Bolt On to existing 1G refinery

Dr A V Umakanth, ICAR-Indian Institute of Millets Research, Hyderabad
Review on Quality of IMFLUtilizing sweet sorghum as an energy crop for sustainable biofuel production

Mr. Sandeep Chichbankar, Excel Engineers & Consultants
Improving Profitability of Distilleries With Various ZLD Options Using Energy Efficient Innovative " E-Max2" Technology

Mr. Pradeep Rathy, Sondex Heat Exchanger India Pvt. Ltd.
Energy Efficient Plate Heat Exchangers in Distillery Process.

Prof. Arvind Lali & Mr. Sukhraj Soni
The DBT ICT 2G Ethanol Technology

Mr. Rajesh K. Gera, Reliance Industries Limited
PET Packaging for Alcoholic Beverages

Mr. K P Singh, Radico Khaitan
The Challenges to Achieve Zero Effluent Discharge with Innovative Effluent Treatment System adopted by Radico Khaitan Limited

Mr. Ashwini Kumar Raina, Danfoss Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Sustainability with energy efficiency in Distillery Processes

Mr. Rajeev Gupta, Jindal Stainless Ltd.
New Developments in stainless steel material for Sugar & Distillery Industry

Mr. Prasanna Deshpande, Praj Industries Ltd.
Advancement in distillation Technologies

Dr. Shovan Ganguli, DIAGO
Potable Alcohol Industry- Challenges & Way forward for 21st Century

Mr. Ashok Thussu, LMI
Enhancing the Results through better Leadership-Interactive Session

Mr. Abhishek Roy, SSP Limited
Zero Spent Wash Discharge for Distilleries

Mr. Jacopo De Steffani, M/s Paques
Treatment of distillery effluents

Mr. S R Soni, M/s India Glycols
Distillery MEE Condensate as an Energy source with Water Recycle

Dr. Ramachandra, School of Environmental Sciences
Bacterial assisted phytoremediation of distillery sludge for safe disposal: An innovative approach for sustainable development of distillery sector in India

Dr. Y P Singh, Consultant
Corporate Environmental Governance in the Distillery Sector- Some Issues of Interest

Dr. B Subba Rao, Sr. Consultant
Compliance of Environment Clearance condition and legislative requirements in fermentation Industries

Dr. A Ashok Kumar, ICRISAT
Use of sweet sorghum for efficient ethanol production

Mr. Sumit Malhotra, Spray
Role of MVR  Fans in Evaporation Plants

Mr. Sunil Gandhi, Earth Agro Structures Pvt. Ltd.
Poly Sheds on Biocompost Yard - Technology & Advantages

Dr. Subhash Chand, IIT Delhi
A Techno Commercial Appraisal of Alternative Feed- Stocks For Bio-conversion to Ethanol

Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta, DAV College Kanpur
An Excellent Recovery Of Ethanol From Molasses Using Nano Iron Oxide

Dr S M Pattanshetty and Mr. J h Kulkarni, Ugar Sugar Ltd.
Use of Biopotash  in enhancing  Yield of Crops-  A case study

M/s Clearpack Group
A presentation for Liquor Industry