Management Plan


Seasons, particularly the rainy season, and the sowing periods of the crops, put restrictions on the utilization of SW for irrigation. Ferti-irrigation may be carried out in rainy season in areas where the rainfall is less than 100 cm/year. Where the rainfall is between 100 and 200 cm/year, irrigation may be required only during the dry spells of the rainy season.

The distillery shall prepare a comprehensive irrigation management plan (IMP) covering all aspects, as applicable, described above. The IMP should include:

  • Areas to be covered under the two types of irrigation options.
  • Survey/plot(Khasra) numbers of land and their area covered in the scheme.
  • Written agreement with the owners/farmers of the land to bring their land under the scheme.
  • The quantity of SW to be used in different periods of the year crop-wise and irrigation option-wise.
  • Agronomic plan for effective utilization of land.