Pre-sown Irrigation


Any Distillery desirous of utilizing SW for pre-sown irrigation shall use biomethanated SW of BOD less than 7.000 mg/l.

The biomethanated effluent shall be temporarily stored in the lagoons described in 1.4 and 1.5 from where it will be withdrawn for application.

The application rate of the biomethanated SW shall be decided on the basis of its nitrogen content, the nitrogen requirement of the crop and the type of soil of the field.

The biomethanated SW shall be applied uniformly on the land at least 20 days in advance of sowing. The total nitrogen requirement of the crop shall be applied in a single dose. In the interim period before sowing, the field shall be ploughed and turned to aerate the soil and allow the organic matter to stabilize.

After one year of irrigation the land will be given rest for one year when only fresh water and fertilizers may be used as in normal practice.